Roundcube Webmail Installer for OS X 10.8/10.9/10.10 with Server 2.x/3.x/4.x

Now compatible with

  • OS X Server 10.8.3+ (Mountain Lion, Server app 2.x)
  • OS X Server 10.9.x (Mavericks 3.x)
  • OS X Server 10.10.+ (Yosemite 4.x)

This release includes

  • Roundcube version 1.0.3 installed as a WebApp
  • CardDav Integration
  • ManageSieve Plugin (mail filters, vacation reply)
  • Updated database backend, no longer dependent Postgres
  • Mcrypt included

If you are upgrading from a previous version

This installation replaces your previous version. Any custom roundcube configuration, user preferences or updates to graphics (logo) are not retained. Your previous installation is backed up in this directory.


A note about Carddav

If carddav is enabled on your server, the installer will read your carddav settings and apply those settings to the Roundcube carddav plugin.

If you don't use carddav on your server, you can disable the roundcube plugin with:

   sudo perl -p -i -e "s/'managesieve', 'carddav'/'managesieve'/g" /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube/WebApp/config/
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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson

    We do modify /etc/php.ini
    This is a reqirement because we check for mcrypt and install if its missing, along with that - we update some settings to better accomodate the typical roundcube installation.

    I'll contact you directly - I'd like to know more, and if we have a logic issue with the install script - we'll fix that quickly.


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  • I updated the round cube installation and lost all the contacts that the users had sabed on the postgres database. how can i get them back?

    from Calle Ottawa 1517, Providencia, 44630 Guadalajara, JAL, Mexico
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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson


    This is a 'clean installation' and does not retain user data.
    The database backend moves from postgres to sqlite, no data is retained from postgres.
    sqlite starts with a clean database.

    There are two types of addressbooks users can store addresses
    a) Built-in roundcube addressbook.
    This stores the data in the roundcube database.. your data is in postgres and not retained with the new sqlite version.

    b) CardDav Address Book
    If you have carddav enabled and working, users could store data in your carddav server.
    These addresses would be available on the new version because the data is not stored in the roundcube DB, its stored independent of roundcube.

    If your users stored contacts in the roundcube DB, then you will need to roll-back to your previous version.
    If your roundcube install was not working before upgrading - then you probably have a damaged installation.
    I have no recovery option to recommend - although I'm sure its possible.

    If your postgres DB was working before the upgrade, then your postgres database should be fine and its simple to roll-back.
    You just need to link the WebApp symlink to your previous version.
    Here's an example:
    # go to roundcube directory
    cd /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube

    # list the backups

    # Update WebApp symlink to whichever version you want to load
    # This is an example with the previous version named: "0.9.5a_2014-12-07_15h57m"
    sudo ln -sfh 0.9.5a_2014-12-07_15h57m WebApp

    Thats it.. Roundcube will switch to your previous version.

    If you do this, and it works - don't upgrade to the non-postgres version, there is no reason for you to do this.
    If you want to upgrade the version of roundube, it can be done without re-installing.


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  • @Jeff

    The database was working fine until last night i installed an update por OS X 9 and Server App and the database stop working.

    in order to have the service working again i installed the update of roundcube.

    All the contacts were on the Built-in round cube addressbook how can i recover the information and put it on the CardDav Address Book on my mac server.

    Can you contact me and help me solve this?


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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson


    The problem is the OS X Server updates break the postgres database.
    This is Apple's installation of postgres. We configure roundcube to use Apple's postgres.
    Once the apple update breaks the database, I haven't had any luck repairing it. It can be repaired, but that not my area of expertise, so can't advise.

    Hopefully you made a clone of your system before the upgrade. If you did, consider rolling back to it.

    I can't be of much help recovering/fixing your postgres DB...


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  • @Jeff

    I did a clone of my system before the update but still can't access the database.
    I have OS X 10.9.4 and when i try to open the it tells me i need OS X 10.9.5, i guess OS X downloaded the update but still don't understand why the database is corrupt if the can't be run. everything was running smoothly yesterday

    Any orientation will be helpful.

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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson

    You need to go back to exactly the way things were before.
    In your case, sounds like you should have 10.9.4 and Server 3.1.2
    A clone made before the udpates were downloaded and applied would have a working copy.
    I assume your postgres data is stored on your startup drive? if its not on the internal, then it would have been upgraded with your server app upgrade (the upgrade fails) then it wouldn't work even if you roll-back. You would need to roll-back your data in this case also.
    Sound like you simply have a non-matching OS/

    I can assist on a consulting basis - my mail is jeff at the domain

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  • Guest - bertrand


    everything works fine with this installer!
    Thanks a lot, because 10.9.5 + Server upgrade brokes the webmail.

    Where can i find documentation about setting up vacation reply?
    I've found how it can be set up


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  • Hi All,

    I was wondering if this needs to be installed in the same server as the mail server so that sieve rules work correctly. Our mail server is still running on a 10.6 server, but we are moving away from it slowly, web was one of the first to go, thus we want to install round cube, Can someone tell me if the manageSieve plugin will be able to handle the rules on our mail server? ( 10.6 )

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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson

    Yes, roundcube will run on a machine other than your server including the ability to add/edit filters.

    Port 4190 must be open from roundcube server to mail server.

    You'll need to adjust imap/smtp settings here:
    Adjust the managesieve plugin config

    If you are using carddav, edit the roundcube carddav plugin config
    If you are NOT using carddav, disable the roundcube carddav plugin with
    sudo perl -p -i -e "s/'managesieve', 'carddav'/'managesieve'/g" /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube/WebApp/config/


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