Roundcube webmail installer for OS X 10.8/10.9 with Server 2.x/3.x

Please do not use the installer with Server 3.2.1 for time being. The latest Server Update breaks Postgres, which Roundcube relies upon.

The latest release of our Roundcube webmail installer is now compatible with both:
OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion with Server 2.x
OS X 10.9.x Mavericks with Server 3.0.x

See current changelog for a complete list of fixes and additions.
Please read our FAQs as well.

This package will:
- Install Roundcube 0.9.5 as a WebApp
- Configure the postgres database
- Configure managesieve server-side filtering (Vacation Replies)
- Automatically configure a carddav plugin
- Install mcrypt (if you don't have it installed/functioning already)

The topicdesk Roundcube installer is a free download.

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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson


    look in

    you will see max_post and max_upload settings there.


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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson


    You might have an issue with an existing rule or from an upgrade.
    Try deleting your sieve folder.

    You need to know your guid. If your userid is simon, run:
    dscl /Search -read /Users/simon GeneratedUID

    Mine returns:
    GeneratedUID: 7B99D102-36F6-4595-9ADD-32CD4803D870

    Delete your sieve mail rule directory like so
    cd /Library/Server/Mail/Data/rules/
    rm -rf 7B99D102-36F6-4595-9ADD-32CD4803D870 (using your guid, not mine)


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  • Guest - Michael

    The round cube installer was working but now when I try to log in it just sits there. I can't see anything wrong in the logs. The DNS and reverse dns are working and no other issues with the mail server. I even deleted the install and ran it again. It's the same. Which logs do I need to look at. Tryied changing the config so I could see more in the logs. Thanks

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  • Solved my problem. I backed up the Open Directory and then blew it away and restored it. That solved the problem. I wonder if it may have been a certificate problem. The server is only 2 months old and the DNS is correct from the start. I've done a few of them.

    from Sydney NSW, Australia
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  • Guest - Daniel

    The roundcube install was working for the past several days, however yesterday it looks like the server was rebooted and has not been working since. When a user goest to the website, either externally or on the server they get:


    Unable to connect to the database!
    Please contact your server-administrator.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It also looks like roundcube is installed in 2 places /usr/local/topicdesk and in a folder /data/Library/Server/WebData/

    If I look in the error log under /usr/local the error log has been updated. If I look in the other location it has not been.

    The websites in the Server.App the "Store SIte Files In" is pointing to the /data/data/Library/Server/WebData/

    Once again any help would be appreciated

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  • Guest - belze31


    I have a problem with the last update 10.9.5. Roundcube lost connexion to the database.

    Do you have an idee ?

    Thank you

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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson


    There is only one instance of roundcube which we install.
    You could have a website pointed to either... but sounds like you've confirmed that you are using the topicdesk installed version.
    The website config can point to ANY folder, it doesn't need to point to the roundcube folder. All it needs to make roundcube work is for you to go the site site config, click advanced and you'll see a topicdesk-roundcube checkbox, that checkbox allows enables /webmail /mail to load the topicdesk roundcube install. Nothing wrong with pointing the website to the directory though.. so I'm not suggesting a change jut clarifying how it works for others reading here.

    Add this to your webmail URL: /topicdesk-roundcube-test.php
    this will load a test page and at the top it tells you if its able to connect to the postgres DB.

    Try this.... stop/start postgres while you watch the log file: /Library/Logs/PostgreSQL/PostgreSQL.log
    sudo serveradmin stop postgres
    sudo serveradmin start postgres

    I have a feeling you'll find that postgres isn't starting.. could be a damaged database.

    Post your findings... if you want to send logs or have too much detail, email me direct jeff at topicdesk dot com.


    from Clearwater, FL, USA
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  • Guest - DavorG

    This happens after last update of OS X and OS X Server. After update Roundcube postgresql database is lost.

    There is problem with Server 3.2.1, take a look at this topics:


    Hope that fix will be available soon.

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  • Guest - Daniel Krajc

    Jeff Johnson,

    Attached is what happens when I load the test page. I will try the stop and start of the of Postgres. If I start and stop the Postgres, will any other services be affected? The server is running Calendar, DNS, File Sharing, Mail, Messages, Open Directory, and Websites.

    Roundcube database version is 2014042900

    mcrypt extension is loaded
    Unable to read ./config/
    Unable to read ./config/

    Thanks again for the help

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  • Guest - Thomas

    I downloaded round cube for mavericks and it worked great. Unfortunately our OD server died and had to be re-created. Now we get a database error: connection failed when launching webmail. Is there an uninstaller? Can I reload the settings? What do you recommend?

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