Roundcube webmail installer for OS X 10.8/10.9 with Server 2.x/3.x

Please do not use the installer with Server 3.2.1 for time being. The latest Server Update breaks Postgres, which Roundcube relies upon.

The latest release of our Roundcube webmail installer is now compatible with both:
OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion with Server 2.x
OS X 10.9.x Mavericks with Server 3.0.x

See current changelog for a complete list of fixes and additions.
Please read our FAQs as well.

This package will:
- Install Roundcube 0.9.5 as a WebApp
- Configure the postgres database
- Configure managesieve server-side filtering (Vacation Replies)
- Automatically configure a carddav plugin
- Install mcrypt (if you don't have it installed/functioning already)

The topicdesk Roundcube installer is a free download.

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  • hello,


    is there perhaps something already known about the update coming for OS X Server 4.0 ?


    from The Netherlands
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  • Guest - Alex

    @Bjorn: Working on it

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  • Guest - Ed

    After resetting on Mavericks and re-installing RoundCube 0.9.5a and the v2 PostgresFix, I get 'Loading...' on the Roundcube login after I enter login details. Any ideas what is causing this?

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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson


    Try disabling the carddav plugin.
    You'll find its's enabled in this file:

    or run this to do it for you
    sudo perl -p -i -e "s/'managesieve', 'carddav'/'managesieve'/g" /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube/WebApp/config/

    If that doesn't do it, check the logs in:

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  • Guest - Ed


    That did the trick. Many thanks Jeff :)

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  • Guest - Sheldon

    Hello. Do we have an ETA of when the topicdesk installer for Server 4.0 (Yosemite) might be ready? If its soon ill stop trying to setup my own installation of RoundCube otherwise ill move forward. Thanks.

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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson

    We announce early releases in our twiiter feed - you may want to follow it.
    We should have the beta out later this week. Send email to:


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  • if we emailed about the beta should we expect to hear any confirmation back?


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  • Guest - Jeff Johnson

    Thanks for the reminder Sandor, I'll send a note to the beta list now...

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  • Guest - Sheldon

    Just wanted to say great choices about the beta. Any chance we can get a carddav added? This way we can completely integrate it with OSX Server.

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