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How can I avoid Server Admin overwriting my manual configuration additions?

You can’t. Well actually there are two things you can do to ensure damage is limited. 1. Never modify a configuration file manually while Server Admin is open. 2. Always make sure you have a backup of your configuration files before opening or modifying through Server Admin. Once you start requiring advanced configuration changes (beyond […]

Mail server checkup

Not sure whether your mail server is configured properly? Interested in knowing what it takes to optimise mail services? Doubts about your spam detection efficiency? Need a second opinion on your OS X Server Mail Services? Take advantage of our mail server checkup service. For a flatrate of $50 (€38) we will run a full […]

spamtrainer Changelog

  2.2.3 Release – 15.3.2018: -High Sierra / Server 5.4 Compatibility -This is the final release for spamtrainer since Apple will discontinue Mail Services 2.2.2 Release – 20.7.2017: -Sierra / Server 5.3 Compatibility 2.2.1 Release – 21.1.2016: -El Capitan / Server 5.0 Compatibility -Installation path is now /usr/local/sbin to accommodate El Capitan’s SIP 2.1.0 Release […]

mailbfr Changelog

1.0.7 Release – 22.4.2010 -As of this release, mailbfr will fork into a Cyrus and a Dovecot branch -Changes in update mechanism to accomodate future releases of separate branches 1.0.6 Release – 26.8.2009 -Minor bug fix and clean up -This is the last release supporting Mac OS X Server 10.3 Panther 1.0.5 Release – 11.08.2009: […]