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Where is the crontab file located for spamtrainer?

spamtrainer uses the root crontab. You can either edit it directly or use spamtrainer -i to add/remove the cron job.

Can I buy support?

Well, yes and no. If you have a question which is strictly related to any of our tools, we normally will help you out for free.
For any other kind of support related to Mac OS X Server we do offer professional consultancy services.

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Why are you telling me this?

Unfortunately, there are many users who believe that by downloading a free tool they are also entitled to free support. As long as they need support for personal use or a small business this is fine. However, we find ourselves increasingly in a situation where people pretend free support while at the same time charging others for the knowledge gained from our experience. This is unfair to us and unfair to all the honest users out there.

Am I entitled to free support?

No, but if you ask nicely and your question is related to one of our free tools, chances are you will get an answer.

Are the tools free?

Yes. For time being the tools and tutorials are free for personal and commercial use. Depending on how much burden this puts on our time and wallet, this may or may not change over time.