spamtrainer Changelog


2.2.3 Release – 15.3.2018:
-High Sierra / Server 5.4 Compatibility
-This is the final release for spamtrainer since Apple will discontinue Mail Services

2.2.2 Release – 20.7.2017:
-Sierra / Server 5.3 Compatibility

2.2.1 Release – 21.1.2016:
-El Capitan / Server 5.0 Compatibility
-Installation path is now /usr/local/sbin to accommodate El Capitan’s SIP

2.1.0 Release – 4.12.2014:
-Yosemite Compatibility

2.0.0 Release – 14.2.2014:
-Mavericks Compatibility
-Minimum Requirement is now Mountain Lion
-Fixed an issue with a launchd item parameter

1.9.9 Release – 7.12.2012:
-Minor bug fix

1.9.8 Release – 3.12.2012:
-Added Mountain Lion Compatibility
-Switched from cron to launchd (Mountain Lion only)
-Added ability to e-mail a report upon completion (Mountain Lion only)
-This is the last release supporting all systems from 10.3 to 10.8
-With the next release, spamtrainer will fork into a pre-10.8 and a post 10.8 branch
-Changes in update mechanism to accomodate future releases of separate branches

1.9.7 Release – 4.8.2011:
-Added Lion Compatibility

1.9.5 Release – 28.9.2009:
-Added Snow Leopard Compatibility

1.9.3 Release – 28.8.2008:
-Workaround for minor issue on servers updated from 10.4.x to 10.5.x

1.9.1 Release – 28.8.2008:
-Workaround for minor issue on servers updated from 10.4.x to 10.5.x
-Changed -d option to delete based on a delivery date to eliminate spam with dates in the future
-Changed update URL

1.8.5 Release – 26.10.2007:
-Changed version display for 3rd party software
-Leopard compatibility

1.7.6 Release – 20.7.2007:
-Changed back deletion parameter to avoid user confusion
-Added optional -x number_of_days parameter instead

1.7.5 Release – 17.7.2007:
-Added optional number of days parameter for delete option

1.7.2 Release – 26.5.2007:
-Fixed minor cosmetic issue

1.7.1 Release – 25.5.2007:
-Added routine to learn from mailboxes in “Shared Folders”
-Increased verbosity

1.6.1 Release – 8.3.2007:
-Fixed minor bug in cron job install routine

1.5.9 Release – 3.3.2007:
-Minor cosmetic fix for bayes backup

1.5.8 Release – 26.2.2007:
-Added timestamp to bayes db backup

1.5.7 Release – 5.12.2006:
-Modified routine for stopping and starting services. Will not restart services if they were already stopped at runtime.

1.5.6 Release – 28.11.2006:
-Modified routine for online updates to notify users if an update check is not possible.

1.5.4 Release – 27.11.2006:
-Added extra error trapping to prevent user error when backing up to protected directories

1.5.3 Release – 25.11.2006:
-Added extra error trapping to prevent user error when backing up bayes db

1.5.2 Release – 22.11.2006:
-Added options to backup and restore bayes database
-Added logging option for bayes stats
-Added some additional error trapping
-Changed -r flag to -a for consistency with new functions

1.4.2 Release – 21.11.2006:
-Added display of version number to progress output
-Minor Bug fix

1.4.1 Release – 20.11.2006:
-Added option to download and install rule sets for spamassassin on Mac OS X 10.4.x
-Changed procedure for stopping/starting mail services
-Added version display for mail system components

1.3.1 Release – 15.11.2006:
-Added option to fix amavisd/spamassassin configuration on Mac OS X 10.4.x.
-spamtrainer is now distributed as an installer package

1.2.7 Release:
-Added possibility to use IMAP folders as well.

1.2.5 Release:
-Added text to tell user to use 24-hour clock when adding cronjob

1.2.4 Release:
-Added configuration check

1.2.1 Release:
-Streamlined automatic update feature

1.2.0 Release:
-Added automatic update feature

1.1.0 Release:
-First Public Release

You can download the latest release of spamtrainer from our downloads page .

Where can I find all available options for spamtrainer?

Basic instructions are given in the enclosed documentation. All options are listed in the online documentation. To see it, issue "man spamtrainer".

Why do my mails NOT get deleted when using “spamtrainer -d”?

The most likely causes are:

  • The junkmail/notjunkmail mailbox is being used by another user when spamtrainer wants to access it.
  • The mail header contains a date in the future (very common with SPAM).
  • The junkmail/notjunkmail mailbox is corrupted and needs reconstruction.
  • You have altered the ACLs on your junkmail/notjunkmail mailbox.

spamtrainer thinks the path I have given is not correct?

Most likely your path contains spaces. This is generally not advisable. If you cannot take the spaces out of your path for some reason, you will need to “escape” them.

Do I need to manually stop/start mail services when using spamtrainer?

No. If services need to be stopped/started, spamtrainer will do this for you.