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Why this site?

Apple’s OS X Server is a powerful tool for businesses of any size. OS X Server puts UNIX into the reach of non-UNIX experts. We wanted to build a site that helped non-UNIX experts make the most of OS X Server. A site that offers tools and information for beginners and seasoned professionals to extend the stock functionality of Apple’s Server software.

What will you find on this site?

You will find free software tools for enhancing Apple’s OS X Server, step-by-step tutorials, and a FAQ section that answers many common questions about OS X Server.

We also offer one-on-one consultancy services. Be it taking on a larger project for you, be it our Mail Server Checkup.

About the Authors

Athanasios Alexandrides

Athanasios Alexandrides

Birthdate: 2. Feb. 1963
Born in: Zurich, Switzerland

Alex has been working in the IT arena for over 30 years. During his career he has held senior management positions within several IT companies. Among them globuDATA, Systrade, Wolf Computer (an Ascom company), Micronetics Consulting SA and IBM. In 1999, he quit corporate life to found Art & Pixels together with his wife. Art & Pixels specialised in the development and project management of web applications and covered a series of consultancy and instruction mandates for a broad range of clients.
Today he focuses on helping OS X Server administrators, IT project management and software development. While his passion are Apple related projects, he is at home on many platforms. He is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and thus, able to assist an international clientele.

Jeff Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Birthdate: 19. Mar. 1967
Born in: Washington, DC, Resides in: Tampa, Florida, USA

Jeff is a seasoned veteran of IT world with over 25 years experience. His clients have ranged from high profile individuals, businesses to government organizations. He founded Uptime Computer Services in Washington, DC and built it into one of the largest east coast Apple consultancies with 40 employees in 2 cities. In 2001 Jeff realized that running a large scale operation was not his true passion. He moved to Florida and refocused his efforts on helping other consultants. Specializing in network technologies such as OS X Server Mail, VPN, DNS and Web Services – as well as Kerio Connect, Rumpus Web File Manager and Meraki Security, Jeff has become an invaluable asset to consultants all over the country. 100% of Jeff’s work is done remotely from his Florida office, which allows him the flexibility to tackle business critical support items after hours and on weekends to help minimize disruption to the client.