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Roundcube for macOS Server

What’s new in version 1.3.6? Roundcube Webmail 1.3.6 High Sierra and Server 5.6 compatible Improved automatic congiguration of CardDav plugin Compatibility Mac OS X Server 10.8.3 w/ Server 2.x – through -> 10.13.x High Sierra w/ 5.6.x Why we made this installer Mac OS X Server administrators usually wear many hats (entrepreneur, designer, etc.). […]

macOS Server alternatives Survey

At the beginning of the year, Apple announced that they will discontinue most services included with macOS Server. Since then, we have started implementing a variety of solutions for some of our clients. Some were migrated to outsourced services, some to alternative in-house solutions. With the most recent macOS Server 5.6 update, Apple started hiding […]


spamtrainer assists Mac OS X Server mail services administrators in updating and maintaining their SpamAssassin bayes database. spamtrainer will read the designated HAM and SPAM mailboxes, update the SpamAssassin databases and delete mail that has been learned from. It has an array of additional functions. Among them the possibility to backup/restore your bayes database and […]

Is spamtrainer compatible with OS X 10.13.x High Sierra and OS X Server 5.4?

Yes, starting with version 2.2.3, spamtrainer is compatible with OS X 10.13.x High Sierra and OS X Server 5.4.

Is spamtrainer compatible with OS X 10.12.x Sierra and OS X Server 5.3?

Yes, starting with version 2.2.2, spamtrainer is compatible with OS X 10.12.x Sierra and OS X Server 5.3.

Error when sending mail from Roundcube Webmail

Symptom: You can login to Roundcube/Webmail but receive an error when sending. Possible Solution: Edit the following file /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube/WebApp/config/ Add the following 2 lines $config[‘smtp_user’] = ‘%u’; $config[‘smtp_pass’] = ‘%p’; Changes take effect immediately, no need to logout. Test sending mail. Please leave a comment if this worked for you, or if it didn’t and […]


Take advantage of our mail server checkup service. For a flatrate of $50 (€38) we will run a full diagnostic of your mail server, report on its status, and make recommendations for improvements. If you would like us to check your mail server or need more information, please use our contact form.