While free support obtained through FAQs, support forums and the occasional e-mail advice from our team can certainly help you get started with your OS X Server, it cannot replace professional and personalised support.

This is where online consultancy services come in. Quite often a consultant can fix in a matter of hours an issue that would take you days of trial and error. If you would like to enroll the services of a professional consultant, simply use our contact form.

Our consultants are able to cover the complete range of OS X Server related consulting and are proven experts in mail and web services.

Technical support is available through E-mail, iChat, Apple Remote Desktop and Remote Login.

Postpaid Support / Single Incident * $55/15 min ($220/h)€50/15 min (€200/h)
Prepaid **$165/h€150/h

*Billed and due upon completion or after reaching 2 hours.
**Minimum 5 hours required. Deducted in 15 min. units.

If you have any specific needs which you feel do not fit into above pricing structure, just drop us a note and we will look into it.


Sometimes a technical emergency can strike at the worst possible moment. When you need to get your mail server back up and operational as soon as possible, talk to our experts. They can help you minimise downtime and work with you to protect your server in the future.