mailbfr Changelog

1.0.7 Release – 22.4.2010

-As of this release, mailbfr will fork into a Cyrus and a Dovecot branch
-Changes in update mechanism to accomodate future releases of separate branches

1.0.6 Release – 26.8.2009
-Minor bug fix and clean up
-This is the last release supporting Mac OS X Server 10.3 Panther

1.0.5 Release – 11.08.2009:
-Bug fix to correct start/stop behaviour in 10.3

1.0.4 Release – 27.07.2009:
-Minor bug fix that would prevent restore of mailman configuration files

1.0.3 Release – 3.06.2009:
-Minor bug fix

1.0.2 Release – 21.04.2009:
-Minor bug fix

1.0.1 Release – 20.04.2009:
-Added backup of mailman
-Changes in how mail services are stopped to avoid Server Admin bug
-Only IMAP services are stopped during backup/restore
-Structural changes to accommodate dovecot

0.9.5 Release – 26.08.2008:
-Added some warning strings
-Added option to purge a mailbox’ contents
-Added check to check for spaces in paths
-Removed restoration of settings in transfer mode
-Changed update URL

0.8.5 Release – 26.10.2007:
-Changed version display for 3rd party software
-Leopard compatibility
-New transfer option

0.7.3 Release – 17.4.2007:
-Added a check to see if the backup path/volume exists.

0.7.2 Release – 16.12.2006:
-Cosmetic changes

0.7.1 Release – 15.12.2006:
-Added time stamp to output at beginning and end of backup

0.7.0 Release – 11.12.2006:
-Added backup of custom spamassassin rules
-Added more configuration related error trapping
-Minor cosmetic fixes
-Increased verbosity of error messages
-Changed Postfix queue restore procedure

0.6.9 Release – 7.12.2006:
-Sieve issue on poorly configured systems fixed.

0.6.8 Release – 6.12.2006:
-Disabled copying of Sieve directory because of intermittent not reproducible errors on a handful of systems.

0.6.7 Release – 5.12.2006:
-Modified routine for stopping and starting services. Will not restart services if they were already stopped at runtime.
-Added fix for backing up with broken sieve folders

0.6.6 Release – 28.11.2006 :
-Modified routine for online updates to notify users if an update check is not possible.

0.6.4 Release – 22.11.2006 :
-Added version display for mail system components
-Added display of version number to progress output
-Added some additional error trapping

0.6.3 Release – 21.11.2006 :
-Minor bugfix

0.6.2 Release 17.11.2006:
-Minor bug fix

0.6.1 Release 17.11.2006:
-Added option for restoring single mailbox/user
-Added option for reconstructing single mailbox/user
-Added option for displaying usernames
-Added option for displaying detailed mailbox/user information
-Backup/Restore now includes sieve directory

0.5.1 Release 10.11.2006:
-Added choice for incremental or full backup
-Added simple weekly rotation mechanism
-Removed diagnostics
-mailbfr is now distributed as an installer package

0.4.7 Release:
-Fixed minor Bug for certain 10.3.x configurations

0.4.6 Release:
-Fixed error in man file

0.4.5 Release:
-Added a check for certain 10.3.x configurations

0.4.2 Release:
-Changed reconstruct routine to include partitions

0.4.1 Release:
-Added a diagnostics routine
-Added text to tell user to use 24-hour clock when adding cronjob

0.3.9 Release:
-Added a configuration check for illegal directory settings

0.3.6 Release:
-Changed all copy processes to rsync
-Changed chown to /usr/sbin/chown for cron
-Minor cosmetic fixes

0.3.4 Release:
-Excluded “socket” and “pid” directories from backup
-Added chown/chmod to backup directory
-Check for mail service status before starting on error

0.3.1 Release:
-Streamlined automatic update feature

0.3.0 Release:
-Added automatic update feature
-Cron friendly

0.2.1 Release:
-Fixed problem when backing up partitions

0.2.0 Release:
-First Public Release

You can download the latest release of mailbfr from our downloads page

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