The latest release of mailbfr is available for download on this page.

See current changelog for a complete list of fixes and additions.
Please read our FAQs as well.

mailbfr assists Mac OS X Server mail service administrators in creating a backup of their active mail settings and stores.

mailbfr will create a backup of all Postfix and Cyrus settings, together with the Postfix Queue, the Cyrus Mailstores and Sieve scripts. The type of backup (full, incremental, rotation) can be selected.

It has an array of additional functions. Among them the possibility to selectively restore settings, single mail stores, single mail users or all mail services.

mailbfr can also assist you in fixing a corrupt cyrus database.

This script is written for Mac OS X 10.3.x, 10.4.x and 10.5.x.



4 replies
  1. Major
    Major says:

    Will there be a version for 10.9/Server 3.2.2 or Yosemite/ Server 4 ?
    I would appreciate this, because Apple’s backup strategy with TimeMachine is somewhat ..needless.

  2. Dominik Hoffmann
    Dominik Hoffmann says:

    It doesn’t seem likely that there is going to be a version of mailbfr for dovecot, given that the above promise has been around for many yeas now.

  3. Greg
    Greg says:

    I dont know, if there are too few users who are using shell on a daily basis, or people simply dont look under the hood here. BUT:
    The script is a rather simple BASH script, and it’s a good base to rewrite for dovecot and with a bit knowledge about other systems than OSX it can be rewritten to work on the most of the Linux distros out there.

    If i can bring up time, i will do the dovecot and Linux rewrite and publish it


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