spamtrainer Changelog


2.2.3 Release – 15.3.2018:
-High Sierra / Server 5.4 Compatibility
-This is the final release for spamtrainer since Apple will discontinue Mail Services

2.2.2 Release – 20.7.2017:
-Sierra / Server 5.3 Compatibility

2.2.1 Release – 21.1.2016:
-El Capitan / Server 5.0 Compatibility
-Installation path is now /usr/local/sbin to accommodate El Capitan’s SIP

2.1.0 Release – 4.12.2014:
-Yosemite Compatibility

2.0.0 Release – 14.2.2014:
-Mavericks Compatibility
-Minimum Requirement is now Mountain Lion
-Fixed an issue with a launchd item parameter

1.9.9 Release – 7.12.2012:
-Minor bug fix

1.9.8 Release – 3.12.2012:
-Added Mountain Lion Compatibility
-Switched from cron to launchd (Mountain Lion only)
-Added ability to e-mail a report upon completion (Mountain Lion only)
-This is the last release supporting all systems from 10.3 to 10.8
-With the next release, spamtrainer will fork into a pre-10.8 and a post 10.8 branch
-Changes in update mechanism to accomodate future releases of separate branches

1.9.7 Release – 4.8.2011:
-Added Lion Compatibility

1.9.5 Release – 28.9.2009:
-Added Snow Leopard Compatibility

1.9.3 Release – 28.8.2008:
-Workaround for minor issue on servers updated from 10.4.x to 10.5.x

1.9.1 Release – 28.8.2008:
-Workaround for minor issue on servers updated from 10.4.x to 10.5.x
-Changed -d option to delete based on a delivery date to eliminate spam with dates in the future
-Changed update URL

1.8.5 Release – 26.10.2007:
-Changed version display for 3rd party software
-Leopard compatibility

1.7.6 Release – 20.7.2007:
-Changed back deletion parameter to avoid user confusion
-Added optional -x number_of_days parameter instead

1.7.5 Release – 17.7.2007:
-Added optional number of days parameter for delete option

1.7.2 Release – 26.5.2007:
-Fixed minor cosmetic issue

1.7.1 Release – 25.5.2007:
-Added routine to learn from mailboxes in “Shared Folders”
-Increased verbosity

1.6.1 Release – 8.3.2007:
-Fixed minor bug in cron job install routine

1.5.9 Release – 3.3.2007:
-Minor cosmetic fix for bayes backup

1.5.8 Release – 26.2.2007:
-Added timestamp to bayes db backup

1.5.7 Release – 5.12.2006:
-Modified routine for stopping and starting services. Will not restart services if they were already stopped at runtime.

1.5.6 Release – 28.11.2006:
-Modified routine for online updates to notify users if an update check is not possible.

1.5.4 Release – 27.11.2006:
-Added extra error trapping to prevent user error when backing up to protected directories

1.5.3 Release – 25.11.2006:
-Added extra error trapping to prevent user error when backing up bayes db

1.5.2 Release – 22.11.2006:
-Added options to backup and restore bayes database
-Added logging option for bayes stats
-Added some additional error trapping
-Changed -r flag to -a for consistency with new functions

1.4.2 Release – 21.11.2006:
-Added display of version number to progress output
-Minor Bug fix

1.4.1 Release – 20.11.2006:
-Added option to download and install rule sets for spamassassin on Mac OS X 10.4.x
-Changed procedure for stopping/starting mail services
-Added version display for mail system components

1.3.1 Release – 15.11.2006:
-Added option to fix amavisd/spamassassin configuration on Mac OS X 10.4.x.
-spamtrainer is now distributed as an installer package

1.2.7 Release:
-Added possibility to use IMAP folders as well.

1.2.5 Release:
-Added text to tell user to use 24-hour clock when adding cronjob

1.2.4 Release:
-Added configuration check

1.2.1 Release:
-Streamlined automatic update feature

1.2.0 Release:
-Added automatic update feature

1.1.0 Release:
-First Public Release

You can download the latest release of spamtrainer from our downloads page .

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