Roundcube webmail installer for OS X 10.8/10.9 with Server 2.x/3.x

The latest release of our Roundcube webmail installer is now compatible with both:
OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion with Server 2.x
OS X 10.9.x Mavericks with Server 3.0.x

See current changelog for a complete list of fixes and additions.
Please read our FAQs as well.

This package will:
- Install Roundcube 0.9.5 as a WebApp
- Configure the postgres database
- Configure managesieve server-side filtering (Vacation Replies)
- Automatically configure a carddav plugin
- Install mcrypt (if you don't have it installed/functioning already)

The topicdesk Roundcube installer is a free download.

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  • Guest - Rob

    I have an install where a user with an email address on a secondary domain is not getting out of office, however an account with a mail domain address does...

    from London, UK
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  • Guest - Arun

    I am very pleased with this! Thanks for this download!

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  • Guest - Magnus

    I have set up roundcube on my Maverics server with two virtualhosts
    virthost1: This is on port 80 and redirects to
    virthost2: .virthost2 has ssl sertificate, index set to /webmail/ and topicdesk roundcube webapp enabled

    Problem is that i end up at and not
    roundcube is redirecting https traffic to 443 . I have a different service on a different server on port 443 so when roundcube redirects to
    443 then my router / firewall forwards me to the wrong server.

    I have tried setting "in" the $rcmail_config['force_https'] = true; "and to" false; "and" 2443; "and" '2443'; "only one of them at any
    given time" but none of the options i have tried leads to any difference in behaveor. I therfore wonder if the 443 redirect is configured somwhere in the topicdesk WebApp.

    Could someone please explain how to stop topicdesk rouncube redirecting at all, or to redirect to 2443 ?
    Thanks in advance

    from Norway
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  • Guest - rob

    I keep getting connection to database failed....
    installed a few times

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  • Guest - rob

    Can I drop the round cube database ? it's part of postgres so don't want to bork the server database also...

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  • Guest - Jeff


    The system runs a separate psql instance.. You can stop/start mysql, drop databases, etc without effecting the system's instance.

    We include a couple tools. you can use them as-is or do the same yourself.

    To drop and reload the DB, run:

    To delete the DB

    You can even re-install the entire package:
    sudo rm -rf /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube
    Then re-run the installer, this will trigger the old DB to be dropped and a new DB setup.

    If you don't get anywhere with these, try turning up logging. You'll find logging options in the config files at


    from Clearwater Beach, FL 33767, USA
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  • Guest - Jeff


    The webapp is a convenient way of enabling roundcube per website, but not required.

    You may want to disable the webapp, and instead setup your own website or alias pointing to:
    You'll have more flexibility.


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  • Guest - Jeff

    #### For anyone that wants to upgrade to the latest version of Roundcube.

    Our installer takes care of the basic installer, but uses an older version of Roundcube.
    Once installed, its quite simple to upgrade roundcube

    Download the latest version of Roundcube, decompress it.
    Proceed only if your roundcube installation already works (don't use this to fix an installation) and be sure to backup your system.

    Adjust your paths as necessary

    cd ~/Downloads/roundcubemail-1.0.2/bin
    sudo ./ /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube/WebApp
    * enter your password if requested
    * hit y to continue
    * hit y to fix local configuration

    Thats it.. You are running the latest version.

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  • Guest - Magnus

    Tanks for the tips.
    I ended up setting the virtualhost in ServerApp with index.php as only index, and creating a symlink to the virtualhost directory
    I used the command "ln -s /usr/local/topicdesk/roundcube/WebApp/* /Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/"

    Now everything works as expected.

    from Norway
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  • Guest - Simon

    I can't get vacation messages to work on 10.9. I am getting this error: main script: line 9: error: duplicate vacation action not allowed (previously triggered one was here: main script: line 2). I have only one filter setup, have activated the group and have entered the email address in the additional email field.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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