How do I change the Roundcube logo to my own ?

Copy your new logo into this directory


Edit the Roundcube config file:


Find this line

    $rcmail_config['skin_logo'] = ''; 

and change it to your the filename of your logo

    $rcmail_config['skin_logo'] = 'mycompany-logo.png'; 
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  1. Simon Pierre Desrosiers
    Simon Pierre Desrosiers says:

    Is there any way to add a RoundCube service Icon on the front page of the MacOSX Server ? Now I can see Wiki, Profile, Xcode and the app allowing users to change their Password. It would be nice to add a roundcube icon there.

    • Athanasios Alexandrides
      Athanasios Alexandrides says:

      There is no easy way of doing this as that page is maintained by OS X Server. While you can modify it, it is often overwritten during updates. You would be better off creating your own Intranet home page which has everything you need on it and links to the built-in services.

    • Jeff Johnson
      Jeff Johnson says:

      Hi Simon

      We have a new FAQ which walks you through adding a Webmail logo/link to the server home page.
      If your default page is english, you might prefer to download the file listed at the end of the FAQ.


  2. Simon Pierre Desrosiers
    Simon Pierre Desrosiers says:


    Thanks, I just find out about that yesterday evening. I have tried the procedure twice, but the high dpi icon seems to be corrupted. See screen capture here :

    On that capture, you can see that the low dpi loaded correctly, but the high dpi cannot be read and return an error kCFerrorDomainCFNetwork error -10.

    See by yourselves :


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